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September 11, 2014
Thirteen years later.......

Needed in America: A New Labor Movement
More organized workers--and responsible leadership in the unions they choose to represent them--is what we need.

The sculpture of a city: Newark and its storied past
First Landing Party of the Founders of NewarkCollections Search Center Read Barry Carter's column in Sunday's Star Ledger, "Symbol of a City's Forgotten Past," and weep. The current resting place of one of Newark's most famous sculptures, "First Landing Party...

Judicial Empathy and the Rights of Women
Male judges, with daughters, are more likely to vote in favor of women's rights than those with only sons.

Joe Camel is back but, now, he is inhaling vapors
Big Tobacco declared war on those trying to protect the public’s health here and abroad and, now, it’s extending the battle, moving into a new sphere, e-cigarettes.

Christie and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
New Jersey and its citizens continue to suffer from the policy initiatives of the Christie administration.

Amnesia by force: The Chinese repress Tiananmen Square anniversary
The more the Chinese leadership throws its weight around, it shows its weakness. The more its leaders try to prevent the people from remembering and being inspired by the courage of the protestors at Tiananmen Square, the more they will fail.

Mr. Magoo returns and Rutgers takes note
The magnificent, bumbling and endearing Mr. Magoo, Rutgers graduate, returns.

Memorial Day and the Rutgers Oral History Archives
Military History CardROHA “American sailors, soldiers and airmen… came not to conquer, but to liberate, not to loot or destroy, but to bring life and freedom.” Stephen E. Ambrose (The Rutgers Oral History Award bears his name. It is given...

Veterans and Sallie Mae
Men and Women in the U.S. Military Service Photograph Sean OâÂÂLeary ( Sallie Mae cheats veterans? Seriously? Read the Stars and Stripes and weep. The nation, in gratitude for the service of men and women, tries to make higher...

Federal tank-car safety: Government regulations are needed now
The nation needs uniform regulations that will ensure safe transport of volatile substances like crude oil. The oil (and chemical) industries and the rail freight companies need to know what the rules are in order to protect public safety and property.

Alfred E. Neuman: What, Me Worry?
Al Feldstein, the manic creator of Alfred E. Neuman and the talented editor of Mad Magazine from 1956 to 1984, died this week.

West, Texas, then and now: The U.S. Chemical Safety Board reports to the nation
We can't ignore what we know, now, about what happened in West, Texas, one year ago. And we do know how to prevent another West. We need appropriate, effective government regulation to safeguard our present and future.

Tax Day, 2014: Reflections on who pays (and who doesn’t)
The formula for avoiding taxes? Heavy corporate influence, a slew of lobbyists and creative accounting. Businesses then limit their liabilities and let citizens pay the taxes.

Cancer research and Bridgegate
Costs incurred by the public due to the investigations relating to Bridgegate and Sandy will absorb funds that the state needs, desperately, to satisfy public needs, including important cancer research. A style of governing and political considerations are costing the public dearly.

Women's History Month: A shout-out to Texas women in policy and politics
Many of the women who made history in Texas--and across America--are not the household names they should be. Women's History Month can help make up for that omission as can the building, at long last, of the Women's History Museum in the nation's capitol.

Fall-out from Bridgegate: Deconstructing an image (and lifting a spell)
Here we are, in 2014, looking back at Chris Christie's career. Maybe we should have looked a lot harder before. But for Bridgegate, though, we might not be looking at all.

The Koch Brothers vs regulation and responsible government
The Koch brothers and their feeders, followers and sidekicks can't be dismissed as fringe players. Their actions are not only affecting elections and thwarting governance, they are hurting human beings, seeking to deprive them of unemployment benefits, a fair wage, food stamps and insurance coverage and compromising the safety and health of their environment.

Mail delivery: A right or a privilege?
A U.S. Postal Service truck makes a delivery on Franklin Place in Morristown during a snowstorm in early January, 2014Linda Stamato “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their...

Smoking and public health: Big Tobacco threatens the sovereignty of nations
Big Tobacco is losing market share in the U.S. and Europe and so it is developing new fronts. Not a pretty picture: The industry has taken to bullying sovereign nations to boost its sales in developing markets.

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