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as local residents tend to be “active and outdoorsy” people.


Walking and biking fit in very well with their town’s culture. Chief Martine has experienced a similar bike culture in Medford Lakes, noting that local kids have always gotten around on bikes.  Many Medford Lakes residents grew up in town biking from place to place themselves and now that they are parents, they encourage their children to do the same. Martine said that Medford Lakes also benefits from numerous bike trails throughout town. Recognizing similar benefits, Principal Spiers said a bike path in Linwood has helped make biking to school an easy and enjoyable option for students. Spiers said that Seaview Elementary School benefits by being located directly on a bikepath that runs from one end of town to the other.


Unfortunately, not every town in New Jersey has the advantage of numerous bike paths and a strong community biking culture. However, that doesn’t mean that they lack opportunities to promote biking to school. In Medford Lakes, Chief Martine described how the police chief in the 1970’s mapped out the safest biking routes to school. As the town has expanded and demographics have shifted, so have the biking routes. By incorporating an effective bicycle education program, implementing sound bicycling rules and policies, and working to identify the safest routes

to school for biking, any town can help encourage children to bike to school and foster a community bicycling culture.


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