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Safe and Healthy Routes to School

By raising awareness of street and sidewalk conditions, local governments can more easily identify and improve hazardous areas for pedestrians and cyclists. The interactive maps are also a great way for parents and children to plan out the best and safest routes to walk or cycle to school and around town.


Increasing Numbers of Students that Walk and Bike to School

The F.U.N. project has been a great success, certainly playing a role in the noticeable increase of kids walking and biking to school, says Reveille. She said the project also has been extremely well-received by parents, many of whom were initially concerned about allowing their kids to participate. “Seeing the fun and excitement the new walking program has brought to their children, many parents in Garfield have come to realize that walking to school isn’t such a bad thing after all.”


The results of this project have been posted on an interactive Web site at Garfield’s innovative approach to encouraging healthy living has been an inspiration for other New Jersey communities, such as West Windsor, which have pursued similar community mapping efforts.

Further Reading


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