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SRTS Videos Now Available

Two new online resources are helping to spread the word about Safe Routes to School. The Active Living Resource Center (ALRC) and the Morris County Division of Transportation (MCDOT) have created brief, informative videos for schools and communities interested in starting SRTS programs.


ALRC’s video, called “Your Community’s Safe Routes to School Campaign,” is a great introduction to the SRTS concept and program goals. MCDOT’s “Safe Routes to School: A Guide to Getting Started” video includes more detailed information on how to start a SRTS program in your community. It begins with an introduction to the “five E’s” and moves through a step-by-step program development platform. Both videos are excellent resources for anyone interested in developing a Safe Routes to School program and compliment the National Center for Safe Routes to School video "Why SRTS Matters".


The videos can be viewed at the following sites:


Active Living Resource Center



Morris County Division of Transportation



National Center for SRTS



PTA Healthy Lifestyles Booklet

It can be challenging for parents to sort through all the information on health, nutrition, and physical activity for their children. It can also be a challenge for those promoting healthy lifestyles to find high quality Spanish-translation materials. That’s why the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), with the support of GlaxoSmithKline, has put together a booklet of up-to-date, reliable information on healthy lifestyles. Offered in both Spanish and English, the booklet focuses on key aspects of healthy lifestyles and tells parents what they need to know, what they can do, and where to go for additional information.


While not dedicated specifically to Safe Routes to School, the booklet contains a feature on walking school buses, with a link to the National Center for Safe Routes to School website. With its wealth of information, this bilingual healthy lifestyles booklet can be an asset to your Safe Routes to School Program. Both the English and Spanish versions can be downloaded from the PTA’s Web site:

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