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Crossing Guards Rule the Road

be filled this year and has been recruiting qualified candidates to apply to the Police Department.  Working with the city, the Coalition hopes to fill the vacancies shortly.


Appreciation and Recognition
Though it can be challenging, many crossing guards find their jobs to be very rewarding. Joanne Alexander likes being a crossing guard because she enjoys being outside, even in the cold and in the rain. According to her, “there is something very peaceful about it.” For Joan Cadamatre, her job satisfaction results from her love of working with children. After 23 years as a crossing guard, she still looks forward to going to work every morning.


With all the challenges crossing guards face, it is important that we let them know how much we appreciate all that they do to keep children safe on their way to and from school.  Crossing Guard Appreciation Days are an opportunity for communities to

provide special recognition for the work of crossing guards. Some communities host luncheons and give awards, certificates of appreciation, and “thank you” gifts to their crossing guards. In some states, such as Wisconsin and Florida, the governor issues a proclamation declaring crossing guard appreciation day, urging residents to show appreciation for their school crossing guards and to recognize the importance of their position in the community. A Crossing

Guard Appreciation Day can be an excellent addition to “Walk to School” events.


For more information on crossing guard requirements and training, please continue to page 4.

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