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“Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25 - Ridgewood, NJ”

Students from Ridgewood High School have created a powerful video that effectively demonstrates the importance of driving 25 miles per hour, especially through neighborhood streets. The 1½-minute video opens with three high school students driving in a car. It is a bright sunny day and they are happily singing along to music. Meanwhile, three younger children are standing along the side of the road. They wear signs reminding drivers there is “No Need to Speed” and to “Be Aware! Dive with Care.” The music in the car builds as it nears the location of the small children. At the same time, one of the children steps off the curb and runs into the street. As the car is about to hit the child, the screen goes black and a sign fades saying: “Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25.” 


The video is intended to air on Ridgewood’s public access television channel, on closed circuit televisions at the high school, and in the driver education classes. The video has also been posted on YouTube for all to see. It can be viewed at: http://www.


Alliance for a Healthier Generation Launches New Healthy Schools Program Network

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has launched a new Healthy Schools Program Network that enables parents, community members and other stakeholders to join in the

effort to make schools healthier places for students to learn. The Alliance is a joint partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation dedicated to combating childhood obesity across the United States. The Alliance sees schools as places where students can learn academic skills but also where they can learn healthy habits for life. What makes the new Healthy Schools Program Network unique is that it allows anyone to join with school officials in the effort. Signing up is quick and easy; simply enroll online by visiting the Healthy Schools Program’s Network at Network members receive access to a wealth of resources, toolkits and materials at no cost to help schools in their communities become better places for students and staff to learn and work. For more information about the Alliance, email Info@Healthier


SRTS in Garfield: A Case Study

A case study about Garfield’s Safe Routes to School program has been added as a resource to the Active Living Resource Center. Supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center provides resources and tools to help make neighborhoods more physically active places through bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Entitled “How Garfield, NJ, Got Its Kids Moving and Eating Better,” the case study details how the Garfield Health Department has

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