Safe Routes Scoop
Bringing Friends Together With Bikes

throughout Piscataway biking to school together. However, there is currently a lack of safe routes and bike paths to the schools and other neighborhood destinations. Ms. Sternig believes that a Safe Routes to School program in Piscataway would be a great way to help make her biking vision a reality.  She is interested in what SRTS has to offer and plans to organize a bike ride to school with her daughter’s new friends and neighbors on International Walk to School Day next fall.


After a winter break, Lake Nelson Bike Night started up again this April. The kids excitedly rode their bikes up and down the street with their friends as their parents happily watched, knowing that the kids would sleep well that night.  New families continue to join and the group keeps getting larger. Sternig hopes that Bike Night keeps expanding until the day it involves organized rides for entire families.  In the meantime, she’s happy to enjoy the success of Bike Night and the new friends she and her daughters have made.

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