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Teaching Children Personal Safety: Tips and Strategies

Safety Tips for Parents:

  • Know your child’s route to and from school.

  • Designate “safe” houses in your neighborhood where your child may go if they are in danger.


  • Know your child’s after school activities.


  • Know your child’s friends and their parents and have a list of their phone numbers and addresses.


  • Know what your child is wearing each day.


  • Never put your child’s name on the outside of their clothing.


  • Keep a current photo and video of your child handy.


  • Keep a copy of your child’s fingerprints.


  • If your child doesn’t want to be with someone, ask them why, and pursue the topic until you find a reason.


  • Make sure your child knows that adults shouldn’t ask children for help and that adults shouldn’t ask children to keep secrets. 


*Safety tips were adapted from The National Center for Safe Routes to School as well as from national missing children's organizations such as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and

Safety Tips for Kids:

  • Make sure you know important information (your full name, parent’s full name, address, and phone number).


  • Never go anywhere with someone you don’t know, even if they offer you candy or ask for help.


  • Don’t get into cars or go into houses of neighbors you don’t know very well unless Mom or Dad says it is okay.


  • Have a secret code word that you and only your parents know. If someone doesn’t know the secret code word, don’t go with them.


  • Even trusted people shouldn’t ask you to do something that makes you uncomfortable.


  • It’s okay to say “No” to adults.


  • Shout “No” or “Stop” if someone touches you inappropriately, then tell your mom or dad.


  • Be as loud as possible if you are in danger. Yell 'Help!' if you are able to.


  • If you are lost or in danger, know how to locate a pay phone or a public phone and dial 9-1-1 for free.
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