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New U.S. National Physical
Activity Plan Includes SRTS

The first comprehensive plan to support and encourage physical activity, including SRTS programs, among Americans, has been released by a wide-ranging coalition of 20 public, private and non-profit partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, YMCA and AARP. The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan is a comprehensive set of strategies aimed at increasing physical activity and is, in part, a response to America’s growing obesity problem.


The collaborative effort is designed to produce a marked and progressive increase in the percentage of Americans who meet physical activity guidelines throughout their lives, and focuses on initiatives that aim to increase physical activity, including SRTS programs. The plan will focus on eight key areas, including public health, business and industry, education, health care, mass media, parks/recreation/sports, transportation/urban design/community planning, and volunteer/nonprofit organizations. A goal of the plan is to create a national culture that supports physically active lifestyles. Its ultimate purpose is to improve health, prevent disease and disability, and enhance quality of life.


To read more details about the plan and its development, visit the plan's Website:

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