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Aid and Economic Development (4). For example, funding is made available to improve county roads and bridges and for municipal road improvement projects such as resurfacing, rehabilitation and reconstruction and signalization. Additionally, under the bikeway grant program, funding is provided to counties and municipalities to promote bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation.


There are also options at the state level for non-infrastructure projects. The NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety (NJDHTS) awards grants each year for programs designed to reduce motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities (5). Municipal, county, and state governmental and law enforcement agencies, as well as non-profit organizations, are eligible to apply for NJDHTS grants to address specific local traffic safety needs.


Healthy Community Development mini-grants are another potential funding source (6). Every other year, the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services and the New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports invite applications to implement a Healthy Community Development initiative. The mini-grants provide seed money to engage the community in local level programming that can help leverage future funding from other sources.


National and Local Non-profit Organizations: Numerous non-profit

organizations throughout the country provide grant funding for SRTS-related projects. For example, Learn and Serve America, the largest source of funding for service-learning, supports a wide variety of educational and nonprofit organizations that help youth make meaningful contributions to their communities while they learn (7). Learn and Serve America programs support education, the environment, public safety, and other human needs.


Corporations and Businesses: Local businesses can help support SRTS programs with cash donations, program prizes, or service donations, such as printing services or volunteers. It's best to start by approaching corporations or businesses with a demonstrated strong local interest. Corporations and national chain stores often have charitable programs to give back to their home communities. Also, consider reaching out to the employers of fellow volunteers who may have a “community giving program.”  Persuading one of their employees to join your SRTS program could help you get a “foot in the door” and improve the chances of receiving assistance.


Searching for Opportunities
When searching for funding opportunities, it is wise to take advantage of every resource available. Below are a few examples:

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