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  • “Funding Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning, Programs and Projects: a Compilation of Funding Sources” is a great resource that can be downloaded from the NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center website (8).

  • Who's Who in New Jersey for Safe Routes to School,” a comprehensive guide to regional, state, and national resources such as SafeKids, The Brain Injury Association of New Jersey, and Transportation Management Associations, can be downloaded from the NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center website (9).


  • The Foundation Center (10), a national nonprofit service organization connecting nonprofits with grant-makers, is an excellent resource to find potential funding sources. Visitors to the Foundation Center’s website can search a variety of grant opportunities, narrowing their search by geographic region and under categories for transportation, health, environment, and community building


  • Signing up for the NJ SRTS listserv is an easy way to learn about potential grant opportunities and enables users to share information, trade ideas, communicate successes, and get help with a problem or challenging issue  You can sign-up to receive these emails at the New Jersey Safe Routes to School Resource Center website at:


Activities at the local level do not all have to rely on federal funding. As demonstrated, funding options are available to allow local programs to maintain their growth and momentum as we move forward. Regardless of what the future holds for the federal

SRTS program, Safe Routes proponents can continue to move forward locally by being creative, investigating new resources, and initiating new partnerships.   



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