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height would share the same bike in order to reduce the time spent adjusting seats. In another effort to maximize time, Ms. Jahn and Mr. Attanasio worked together to set up the bikes and course equipment for outdoor classes each morning, prior to the start of classes.  Thanks to their careful planning and timesaving tactics, the teachers were able to teach a full bicycle education program to nearly 300 students in just three short weeks.


Positive Results
When asked how she thought the children responded to the classes, Ms. Jahn replied, “They loved it!”  She said that the children seemed to respond to the safety lessons, taking what they learned seriously and helping to ensure that everyone’s helmets were properly fit before each lesson.


The students were not the only ones who were impressed with the program. Ms. Jahn said that “parents of the children who could not ride a bicycle were thrilled and exhilarated by how well their child progressed over the three-week unit.” Ms. Jahn said she would “absolutely” consider running the program again in future years. “It was a great experience and was very well received by all the school employees, administration, community members, students, and parents,” she said.




Bike New York's free

trainings explain all you need

to know in order to bring cycling

programs to your community,

whether you are a teacher,


parks and recreation employee,


Safe Routes to School coordinator,


or community leader. What's more,


once you attend a training, you


will be eligible to borrow bikes


from the group’s fleet and use


the Bike Driver's Ed curriculum


for your programs.






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