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New Law: Stop and Stay
Stopped for Pedestrians

updated to conform to the new law. The new “Stop for Pedestrians” law can also be seen as synergistic to municipal engineering and policy initiatives designed to create more “walkable and liveable” communities.


In the end, this new law is one major step toward changing an auto-centric mindset in New Jersey that has generated a widespread pattern of disrespect for the pedestrian in the crosswalk. The disproportional pedestrian-involved crash statistics sadly bear this out. Only by a sustained educational program – combined with engineering and

enforcement -will these patterns change.


The proceeding article is based on an article, written by Martin E. Robins and Ranjit Walia, that originally appeared in the June issue of  New Jersey Municipalities, the official publication of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities.


For more information, view the “Stop for Pedestrians Law Fact Sheet” at


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