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Walking and Biking to School
Throughout the Year

   geography, dress, and food. 


  • Creating a school-wide Top 10 list: Have students submit the Top 10 funniest things they saw while walking, Top 10 reasons to walk, or Top 10 things that must be improved. Have a school-wide contest or vote to pick the best list.


  • Have students document their walk: Ask students what interesting things they saw, what was beautiful, what needed improving.  Use a Walkability Checklist or ask the students to make their own list of problems spotted along the walk.  Children could also take cameras on the route and document or map possible pedestrian hazards.


  • Hold a Walk-a-ThonUse your walk or bike to school event for a good cause; host a walk-a-thon to raise money and bring awareness to a worthy cause.


  • Hold a Bike Rodeo and/or Bike to School Day event: Work with local police to organize a bicycle inspection and safety event.


  • ‘Bling’ your Bike by decorating spokes for the day: Invite students to bike to school and hold a bike and helmet decorating contest.




  • Have a student club or organization organize the events: In the Allendale School District, Walk to School Day was started by the Parent-Teacher Organization in conjunction with the town council and has since been taken over by the upper school's Environmental Club, so it is organized and run by students. They are in charge of the publicity, devise incentives for participation, and during events, hand out stickers, collect data, and generate statistics.


Promoting Your Events
Regardless of what themes or activities have been planned for walk and bike events, without significant promotion they run the risk of being under-attended and unsuccessful. Proper promotion goes beyond simply telling students and parents how to participate in events once a year; the goal should be to maximize exposure prior to the event.  To build awareness and motivate people to take action, the target audience should hear key messages repeatedly in a variety of different places over time.  Some simple ideas for getting the word out include:


  • Making announcements at school


  • Publishing school newsletter articles


  • Sending flyers home, including a year-round event schedule as well as reminder fliers before each event
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