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Walking and Biking to School
Throughout the Year
  • Hanging posters around the school and neighborhood


  • Sending emails to parents and community leaders (parent/teacher groups often have email listservs or phone chains that could be very helpful)


  • Having the principal make ongoing announcements one to two days before the event


  • Notifying teachers and asking them to remind students


Walk to School Day brings parents, teachers, children, and community leaders together to focus on the importance of physical activity, safety and walkable communities.  For most communities, a one-day event is not enough.  In the end, Walk to School efforts are about changing community culture and in the process building an environment that's more inviting for every walker, both young and old. Increasing physical activity among children, teaching safe walking skills, easing traffic, and improving the environment around schools cannot be achieved in a single day.  Once a year, International Walk to School Day allows parents and children, teachers and elected officials to see the promise of healthier, happier students, and quieter, safer streets. With a little creativity and some persistence, the message of International Walk to School Day can last all year.  With frequent walk and

bike to school events, parents and children continue to be reminded of the simple joy of walking, helping to make walking and biking to school a viable option for everyone in the community and a part of their daily lives.
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