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Guiding the Way: Bicycle Signal Heads

of the Avenue of the Americas. This signal head helps reduce conflicts for cyclists traveling north on Sixth Avenue from vehicles turning left onto 33rd Street across the bicycle lane.


More recently, New York City has installed bicycle signal heads on the Ninth Avenue bikeway and at locations on the Hudson River Greenway bike path, where the path intersects cross streets and driveways.  The New York City Department of Transportation is reviewing its design standards for bicycle signal head applications and hopes to employ more in the future.


At this time, there are no known bicycle signal heads in use in New Jersey. As they are not currently approved in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, any community in New Jersey that would like to use bike signal heads would have to request permission from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through NJDOT for experimental status. However, due to their safety value, bicyclists and others in the state should continue to advocate for their implementation.

For more detailed information on bicycle signal heads, please access the following resources:


San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission:



The City of Davis Comprehensive Bicycle Plan (2006):



Collection of Cycling Concepts (2000):



FHWA Course on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation, Lesson 23 - European Approaches to Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design:


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