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of communications. “Pedestrian safety is also found in more than one section of the manual as well.”


Specifically, Chapter 8 "Sharing the Road with Others", offers information on pedestrians, mature drivers, visually challenged individuals, bicycle riders, and those using skateboards and inline skates. Key statistics on vehicle/pedestrian collisions are shared with readers, and the manual stresses that drivers must always yield to pedestrians and that in most cases, pedestrians have the right of way at all intersections. Drivers are also warned to never pass a stopped vehicle at a crosswalk.


With regard to biking, it is explained that bikers have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers. Motorists are informed that when making right turns, they must yield to bicyclists, skateboarders and/or inline skaters traveling through an intersection.


The new driver's manual has undergone a more substantive overhaul than the last update in 2006. In fact, the process took a year to update the manual and involved many partners. For instance, the state’s driver education teachers were solicited through a survey for suggestions and comments for

updating the manual.


The new manual can be downloaded from the MVC website, or viewed in its entirety online as an easy-to-

navigate web tool. The online version

went live in February and includes

notable features, such as:

  • Chapter review exercises/quizzes to help prepare future drivers for their written and road tests
  • Special, targeted sections on the Graduated Drivers License program and other popular topics related to driving and licensure in NJ
  • An “Updates Since Last Print” section, where changes in law/regulation will be presented, as well as other updates to information included in the print version


One of the benefits of the online manual, Horan said, is that “it allows us to be on top of sudden changes that may affect drivers. We can quickly get that information out to the public. We see the online and print versions as going hand-in-hand as essential driver tools, along with our Parent Guide to Teaching Teens.”

To receive a copy of the manual or to explore the online version:


  • Call (888) 486-3339 toll-free in New Jersey


If you have suggestions/comments to share, you can reach MVC via the online correspondence form available at


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