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the organization held a fall kick-off event at Van Saun Park in Paramus, featuring guest speakers, public officials and activities highlighting pedestrian safety issues facing the county. Bergen County Sheriff Leo McGuire and Bergen County Police Chiefs Association President William Corcoran pledged the county’s resources to toughen enforcement of traffic laws in residential neighborhoods.


With the benefits of “Drive 25” campaigns affecting so many in a community, partnerships happen at many levels. For example, KKAD’s Everson began partnering with the Palisades Safety & Insurance Association of New Jersey in 2004 to provide grassroots organizing strategies to various communities, such as Dunellen, Rockaway and Maywood, to help them reduce speeding in their communities.


“It takes a cooperative effort to develop a plan of action that works to engage the entire community in creating safe streets for the benefit of not only drivers, but pedestrians and bike riders as well,” said Everson. 


Local businesses often jump at the chance to help with these initiatives. Other partners in “Drive 25” campaigns may include non-profit advocacy organizations, public agencies and schools. For Everson and the thousands of groups

around the country working on “Drive 25” campaigns, there truly is safety in numbers.


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