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10 Questions With Charles Carmalt

with lots of pedestrian activity. There has also been a surge in bicycle activity, which is great.


Our top priority will be to continue these trends. The city needs much more bicycle parking, especially secure parking for commuters and residents. Racks are a good option for short-term bicycle parking, but there is a need to provide more secure, long-term parking options and to make sure that people know about the existence of these resources. With more available long-term parking, space will become available in racks for those making short trips.


10.) What types of collaborations between New Jersey and Pennsylvania with regard to creating a better walking and biking environment do you foresee as possible in the near future?

In the Philadelphia area, we share the same media market as parts of New Jersey, which could be advantageous for doing media outreach about “civility in the transportation system.” Linkages are important with the bridges that span the Delaware (River), but it may be rather difficult to make most bridges any more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. NJ TRANSIT has done a great job of making it easy to bring a bicycle aboard its trains. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to do so on the SEPTA system, although SEPTA is looking to

make improvements on this front. As in much of northern New Jersey, the East Coast Greenway will be a big issue in Philadelphia. It might be helpful to share some insights about finding alignments in old urban and industrial areas for the East Coast Greenway.


Thank you so much Charles for giving NJ Walks and Bikes readers a great overview of bicycling and walking issues in New Jersey and Philadelphia.  We wish you good luck in your new job, as you continue to make bicycling and walking a top priority in our region. 

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