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Congratulations NJ! The State is Ranked #9 in the Nation for Bike Friendliness

participate in the pilot program. New Jersey’s score was also impacted because the State driver manual did not include information on bicycling safety from the perspective of cyclists, nor does the state driver exam include any bicycle-related questions. However, as reported previously in NJ Walks and Bikes (Vol.II, No.1), the new version of the New Jersey driver manual published in January 2008 incorporates bicycle safety information in a chapter on “Sharing the Road.”


By ranking New Jersey ninth in the nation, the League of American Bicyclists has drawn attention to all of the great work that has been accomplished throughout the State to promote safe bicycling. Perhaps more importantly, the Bicycle Friendly States program has provided a way for advocates to start the conversation on what New Jersey still needs to do to make the Garden State even more bike friendly.



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