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Spotlight on West Windsor Township, NJ

  • Educating the public on bicycle- and pedestrian-related safety measures, benefits, issues and concerns
  • Constructing and maintaining bike/pedestrian facilities or assisting local government with these efforts
  • Organizing community activities, such as bicycle rides or walks for recreational and educational purposes, in an effort to promote safety


The West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance
The Alliance and its president, Ken Carlson, envision a community where residents and visitors have access to and can travel safely and conveniently by bicycle and on foot for commutation, recreation and fitness, both within West Windsor and between neighboring communities. To plant the seed of bicycle and pedestrian advocacy in West Windsor and its neighboring communities, Carlson and the Alliance have worked with the Lawrence Hopewell Trail Task Force, as well as with East Windsor and Plainsboro. The alliance also lends its expertise to the Mercer County Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force, effectively regionalizing bicycle and pedestrian issues.

The Alliance was formed at the conclusion of the Mayor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force of West Windsor (August 2002 - November 2005), and has set four primary goals:

    • Encourage residents to walk and/or bicycle more often
    • Promote bicycle and pedestrian awareness and education
    • Advocate for improved bicycle and pedestrian access and mobility
    • Conduct and support activities to fulfill the mission


    To promote awareness and education, the alliance advocates for bicycle and pedestrian safety, promotes share-the-road strategies and educates the community on the health benefits of biking and walking. Issues members often target include improving or creating public policies and programs related to biking and walking; identifying and improving bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure (e.g. installation of bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, recreational trails); establishing safe bicycling and pedestrian crossings of major barriers; implementation of traffic-calming measures; enforcement of traffic laws; and coordination with neighboring communities on regional goals to increase accessibility and mobility. Organizing community

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