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Bike New York offers a variety of bicycling skills classes in New Jersey that are ideal for beginning cyclists and those uncomfortable riding on busy streets. Classes are free, and taught by instructors certified by the League of American Bicyclists.


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Both the regional coalitions of Safe Kids and the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey sponsor bike rodeos through municipalities and community groups. At a bike rodeo, children receive bike and helmet safety checks and practice basic cycling skills in a controlled environment, such as a parking lot or school yard.


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The Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers University, with support from the state Division of Highway Traffic Safety and NJDOT, is running a pilot youth bicycle education program called New Jersey Bikeschool. The two-day program teaches cycling to kids in grades 4, 5

and 6 with an emphasis on skills practice, culminating in a fun group ride on the streets of their town. Bikeschool is being offered through a number of municipal summer recreation programs and elementary schools.


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Safe Cycling Tips


Although the law tells us the rules of the road for bicyclists and motorists, the rules are only as strong as people’s knowledge and adherence to them. However, there is much more beyond obeying the law that bicyclists can do to make riding safe.


The first thing to do is make sure that your bicycle is properly fitted and adjusted to your body and that it is in good mechanical order -- attempting an emergency stop is the wrong time to discover your brakes don’t work properly.


Next, (and of particular importance for novice riders,) make sure that you are comfortable handling your bicycle.  If you have trouble maintaining stability and control, you’ll probably want to get some more experience handling your bike in a park or school yard without any traffic before riding in the street. 


Once your handling skills are proficient, learn where to position

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