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Partnering for Success: The Lawrence Hopewell Trail

    Yeger Drive and the corner of Gordon Lane and Main Street

  • The Keefe Road segment linking Village Park with Northwest and Rosedale parks

  • Lawrence Main Street which follows streets and roads to The Lawrenceville School

  • The Lawrenceville School segment winds through the private school campus, exiting onto Lewisville Road, and

  • The Pennington-Rocky Hill Road, Hopewell segment runs through the BMS corporate campus between Old Mill and Titus Mill roads


NJDOT is currently looking at ways to improve bike/ped accommodations at the intersection of Route 206 and Province Line Road where the trail will be on-road. The trail system provides connections to other trail networks, such as the D&R Canal towpath through Mercer County.


Opposition to the project has been minimal, and arose primarily from residents who did not want the trail near their homes. However, support has increased as residents have begun to realize that trails are an added public amenity that generally lead to a rise in property values, can potentially reduce traffic congestion and offer kids a safe place to enjoy the outdoors and remain active. This

opposition has frequently been reversed into enthusiasm by neighbors who use the trail.


The trail project proved a learning experience for its supporters. “We were all well meaning people but didn’t know what went into building a trail: the design, construction, and pulling together a coalition,” said the project’s other co-president, Eleanor Horne. As a result, she said, everyone involved in the Lawrence Hopewell Trail had an opportunity to be a part of the design. “Working on the same side of the table as corporations built positive relationships,” said Taylor and has created a “synergy between the two towns that would not have existed otherwise.” It has been this open communication and exchange of ideas that has largely contributed to the success of the project, she added.


Treating the construction of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail as a “gift to the community” is what Eleanor Horne believes persuaded corporations such as ETS to get involved. “The trail would be a gift that will outlast us and our generation,” and it is this idea that has inspired those involved in the project.


For more information on the trail and how to get involved, visit:


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