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increase and improve bicycle and pedestrian safety education for all roadway users. The subcommittee has been advising the NJDOT on the creation of a new statewide bicycling manual. The manual will explain how to bike safely and comfortably in a variety of conditions, and will also teach cyclists about New Jersey law.


The design subcommittee was established to research and provide guidance on best design practices for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  Recent projects include a questionnaire on various design issues that will be used to gather information from municipal, county, and state engineers.  The design subcommittee is also investigating disseminating best practices and case studies in design.


We plan to keep you abreast of the BPAC’s activities in upcoming issues of NJ Walks and Bikes.


If you are interested in joining the BPAC or learning more about it, please send an email to VTC project coordinator Robert Williams at:  

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