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CCCTMA Creates a Google Map showing Bicycle Routes and Public Transportation


transportation overlay, such as:


  • Bicycle Routes All bicycle routes included in Cross County’s route inventory are viewable on the map. Great effort was made to ensure these bicycle routes are located accurately. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Statewide Bicycle Master Plan, 2008 served as the foundation for this dataset, then county and municipal officials were surveyed to gather route information at the local level, resulting in a three-tiered inventory of bicycle routes spanning hundreds of miles over a seven-county service area.

    NJDOT has also produced a variety of bicycle tour guides throughout the state for leisurely trips through scenic and historic areas. This overlay allows users to plan their trips and print out a pdf-format guide to bring along. The value of hosting bicycle route data on a Google map really shines when using the “satellite” image which reveals the terrain bikers will encounter.

  • Panoramas To overcome some of the limitations of two-dimensional maps, Cross County uploaded pictures of bicycle routes and key public transit transfer points in the region. From a series of individual pictures, panoramic images were assembled to help familiarize users with the specifics of a location
  • before they make their trip. Think of how valuable it is to preview the roadway conditions along a bike route or the specific location of a bus transfer point the first time you try it. Simply getting people to try bicycling or transit is half the battle and these panoramas make that first step easier by providing previews of road conditions and bus transfer points.

  • Bike on board If bus routes or rail stations are not nearby, a map overlay can be used to search for a route to bike to transit. Be sure to download Cross County’s newest biking publications at

  • Local Bus Services County and regional transit agency bus services can be tracked on the map. Some local services shuttle workers between bus stops and employment centers. Employers can use the map to help new hires in need of Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) shuttles.

After looking at all the modes of transportation previously mentioned, perhaps none of the public transit or bicycling options will work for your commute. This map can then be used to organize a carpool or check traffic flow before heading out. Here is how:


  • Park & Ride Information Cross County’s Park & Ride Guide has been included as a layer in the
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