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CCCTMA Creates a Google Map showing Bicycle Routes and Public Transportation

  • map, showing the location of lots, available spaces, and any parking fees. Some lots serving rail stations list schedules, while those near bus stops indicate which routes pass by and link to the schedules.


  • Live Traffic Conditions For motorists, a “Show Traffic” button at the bottom of the map activates a Live Traffic Data feed which accesses live traffic conditions from sources such as Traffic flow is monitored in real-time conditions, and icons are used to show accidents, road construction, and detours.


Cross County Connection’s map enables users to find their way around South Jersey without a car. With the addition of live traffic information, it is also useful for those who drive alone. The TMA is actively collecting more bicycle data in the field and will continue to upload panoramas of bike routes and public transit centers in the region. Visit to check it out.

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