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Bicycle and Pedestrian Considerations in the Development and Design Review Process: New Jersey Municipalities


the township’s Assistant Planner, James Franco.


Building on the momentum of the

newly passed Complete Streets policy, a bicycle parking ordinance has been proposed in Montclair that, if passed by the Planning Board, will require developers to provide bicycle parking as part of any new or re- development. The township has also recently applied for a Transit Village designation (link 2) to provide incentives for transit-oriented development, part of which focuses on providing a high quality walking and bicycling environment.


Lawrence Township also received a Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Assistance Grant (link 3) through NJDOT to complete a study on how to better plan for bicycles and pedestrians. The result of the study was a “Planning Manual (link 4) and Implementation Workbook (link 5)” which, while not yet an element of the master plan, is considered an official policy by the township’s governing board.


According to the workbook, bicycle and pedestrian user needs are to be incorporated when roadways are repaired and during both development and redevelopment. Connectivity between sites and within sites is also considered during the design review process. Lawrence also benefits from the existence of a

Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force, which offers community support and input into municipal decisions by a group of dedicated and experienced volunteers.



Evesham is another municipality selected by NJDOT as meeting criteria for Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Assistance. A Township Bikeway Steering Committee was put together to assist in forming a bikeway plan (link 6) with NJDOT’s assistance. As part of their efforts to increase bicycling in town, Evesham started a bicycle registration program with the hope that it would instill a better sense of safety for residents who wish to use the bicycle facilities. Evesham has also passed a land development ordinance that requires walkways and trails in all new development.


West Windsor

Since taking office 8 years ago, West Windsor’s Mayor Hsueh has pushed for the creation of a bicycle and pedestrian friendly development pattern. As part of that effort, Mayor Hsueh formed a task force to aid in incorporating bicycle and pedestrian considerations; a group that has since become the non-profit West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance (link 7).


By incorporating a bicycle and pedestrian element into its master plan (link 8), West Windsor has been

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