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Bicycle and Pedestrian Considerations in the Development and Design Review Process: New Jersey Municipalities

able to increase connectivity throughnumerous infrastructure projects. These include the PSE&G Trolley Line Trail, which provides a north-south connection to the community park, as well as the Alexander Road Bridge, which allows users to cross the

Northeast Corridor tracks. Currently, Mayor Hsueh and his Coordinator of Community Development, Pat Ward, are looking into more east-west connections. The next step for the township is to provide a facility to cross US-1 similar to the Alexander Road Bridge.



Incorporating bicycle and pedestrian considerations into a master plan is not unique to West Windsor. Hopewell Township’s Master Plan contains a circulation element (link 9) that considers improved connectivity among housing, employment, commercial areas for vehicular and pedestrian travel and bicycle paths. Hopewell also has a pending land development ordinance that, if passed, would require new and redevelopment to include bikeways based on their proximity to schools, recreation areas, shopping facilities and other areas where trips could be made by bicycling or walking.


Hopewell is also collaborating with Lawrence Township to create the Lawrence-Hopewell trail (link 10), which is designed to be over 20 miles of multipurpose trails that run

through the two towns. Hopewell’s policy is to ensure that any developments in proximity of the trail link to it when possible. For more information on the Lawrence Hopewell trail, please refer to NJ Walks and Bikes Summer 2009 edition (link 11).



Grassroots advocacy is at the heart of Collingswood’s success. The Collingswood Streets advocacy group

(link 12) has been striving to make Collingswood safer and more inviting for bicyclists and pedestrians. With a subcommittee on Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy, chaired by Rutgers-Camden student Stella Bonaparte, Collingswood has made it a priority to become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.


Among Bonaparte’s goals, as both the chair of the subcommittee and head of Collingswood Streets, include bike share and education programs, increasing the number bike lane connections to the East Coast Greenway, and a bicycle and pedestrian action plan. Most recently, Bonaparte completed a bike lane feasibility study for Haddon and Collings Avenues in the borough (link 13). She hopes to eventually persuade Collingswood to implement a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.


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