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Bicycle and Pedestrian Considerations in the Development and Design Review Process: New Jersey Municipalities


Association houses a Bicycle Advocacy Committee (link 14) that mirrors the high level of community involvement employed in Collingswood. The committee helps Ocean City promote safety and encourage bicycle use and a pedestrian friendly environment.


Ocean City was among the first municipalities in the state to use the “Share the Road” (sharrows) symbols. These markings communicate to bicyclists where they should ride on the roadway and alert

motorists that they must share the road with bicyclists. Ocean City also developed and implemented a program to install bike racks and create bike and eco tourism brochures as a visible means of encouraging bicycle use by residents as well as the tourist community that swells the population size during the summer months. In 2007, Ocean City adopted as a resolution the “Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities”, (link 15) officially recognizing the importance of bicycling and agreeing to take several steps to make the community more bicycle-friendly . Ocean City has also shown its dedication to being a bicycle-friendly community by converting one of its streets into a bicycle-only route.


These towns provide great examples of how a municipality can take it upon itself to ensure that bicycle and pedestrian facilities become a regular part of any new addition to their

community. Bike lanes, clearly marked crosswalks and connected sidewalk networks are the types of facilities that provide options for people who want to get out of their cars. The tools described above are available for use by any municipality interested in becoming more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.


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