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New Jersey Department of Transportation Adopts a Complete Streets Policy

Streets policy, New Jersey is at the forefront of a national trend in which communities are attempting to design projects that will result in a

safer, more accommodating, and more livable environment.  Earlier this year, Montclair became the first New Jersey municipality to adopt its own Complete Streets policy.  While NJDOT is not requiring counties or municipalities to adopt Complete Streets policies, it is strongly recommended and the Department will be working with local and regional jurisdictions to encourage the adoption of similar Complete Streets policies.


Davis noted that NJDOT will look favorably on towns and counties that adopt Complete Streets policies or develop projects that accommodate all users.  She also clarified that the Department is developing incentives for local governments to implement complete streets projects, such as giving them an extra point on their applications for state and federal money.  By adopting a Complete Streets policy, municipalities and counties will join the state in enabling safe, attractive, and comfortable access and travel for all users throughout their community to enjoy, both now and into the future.


For more information about NJDOT’s new Complete Streets policy, please visit:



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