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Bike Survey

had bicycled in the last six months, versus 39 percent of those in the $50,000-$100,000 bracket, 25 percent earning $25,000-$50,000, and 20 percent of those with household income under $25,000. Results from the survey showed a difference in bicycling rates according to the type of dwelling occupied-- 39 percent of those occupying single family homes bicycled, compared to 24 percent of apartment dwellers.


Bicyclists who had attained higher levels of education reported bicycling most often – 42 percent for those with a four-year college or graduate degree, 33 percent for those who had attended some college , 31 percent for high school graduates, and 24 percent for those who did not complete high school.


What about kids?
Respondents were asked if they had children under the age of 18 in their household. Interestingly, half of those respondents with children under the age of 18 reported bicycling, versus only 28 percent for respondents with no children.


Those with children were then asked a few questions about their children’s bicycling habits. Only two percent of households with one or two children reported that their kids bicycled to school. Asked how often their children bicycled outdoors, 14 percent said daily, 26 percent said several times a week, 14 percent said once a week, and 13 percent said

once a month; more than a quarter (27%) said almost never, and six percent responded “other.” Not surprisingly, the vast majority (84%) of respondents said that the purpose of their child’s bicycling was for recreation or general play; only three percent biked to work or school, or to run errands, eight percent rode to visit friends or relatives, and two percent reported some other purpose. Most children (81%) were reported by their parents to wear helmets when bicycling, while 19 percent did not.


How frequently do people bicycle?
46 percent of bicyclists said they had bicycled frequently (once a week or more on average) and 55 percent said they had biked once a month or less. An interesting factor was the relationship between frequency of bicycling and trip types. Twenty percent of those who bicycled for recreation or health and exercise said they rode daily or several times a week, while close to 80 percent of those who bicycled for commuting reported riding daily or several times a week. The survey also asked bicyclists whether they have bicycled more frequently in the past year; 21 percent said they bicycled more often, more than half (56%) about the same, and 23 percent less often. Bicyclists were also asked whether increased gas prices had caused them to bike more -- 14 percent said they had.

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