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paths and trails (64%), more lighting on paths and trails (56%), more street lighting (53%), more secure parking and better enforcement of traffic laws (51%), and better maintenance of streets and trails (50%.)


All of this data has helped us paint a picture of the New Jersey bicyclist. Bicyclists in New Jersey bicycle primarily for reasons of recreation and health. When looking at demographic factors, there seems to be a relationship between affluence and the propensity to bicycle. Results from this survey illustrate that men are more frequent bicyclists then women and that the elderly bicycle the least in New Jersey, a finding consistent with national data.


For those who do bicycle, a significant portion do so frequently. It is also important to note that most bicycle riding is not occurring on trails, but on roadways. This finding provides support for the need to provide accommodation for bicyclists on public roads. Bicyclists also want more facilities in their neighborhoods, with bicycle lanes being the most frequently identified improvement need.


Respondents to the survey generally felt safe while bicycling. However, this survey did not determine whether respondents bicycled during rush hour, the types of roads used for bicycling, or traffic conditions. Since

most of the bicycling was for recreational purposes, bicyclists have more discretion over when and where they bike. When considering bicycling for utilitarian purposes, it is important to note that this survey was a statewide survey and thus suburban trip making is more highly represented than urban trip making. It would be beneficial to follow up this survey with a focused urban survey to determine if dense urban land uses affect trip purpose, frequency, and perceptions of bicycling as well as the demographics of the bicyclists.
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