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bicycle and greenway connectivity between Regional Center destinations. The final Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Greenways Systems Connection Plan is a guidance document with strategies to improve connectivity between existing transit facilities and residential neighborhoods, improve connections between schools and major trip generators, enhance greenway opportunities and protect stream corridors.


Another goal of the master plan was to improve safety and increase pedestrian activity in residential neighborhoods and along several commercial corridors. The Regional Center Partnership collaborated with the county and the three municipalities to produce a neighborhood traffic-calming plan that would eliminate cut-through traffic and reduce speeds, helping to improve safety and produce a more pedestrian-friendly environment.


The first phase of the project was to inventory, analyze, and prioritize potential traffic calming locations within the regional center. Public outreach was conducted to identify roads that were of concern to local residents and a physical inventory was conducted of existing conditions. A list of seven locations was then identified where additional crash data and traffic count information was collected. Traffic-calming measures were developed and reviewed by Somerset County and municipal

engineers. Following their acceptance of several proposed traffic calming treatments, each municipality hosted public workshops where the proposals were generally well received by local residents.  Once the proposed traffic-calming concepts have been accepted for implementation, engineering drawings will be prepared. Temporary treatments will be put in place for at least six months to evaluate their effectiveness in slowing vehicular speeds and improving pedestrian safety.


The Somerset County Regional Center has provided the mechanism for a unique level of cooperation between municipalities, fostering smart planning and coordinated regional growth.  With the master plan serving as their guide, Bridgewater, Raritan Borough and Somerville will continue to work together to preserve and enhance their historic resources and open space, while promoting economic growth and appropriate development.  

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