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could use to improve pedestrian safety at the station and along the Main Street corridor.  The subcommittee is preparing a report on its findings.


The Law and Policy subcommittee is in the final stages of creating a Title 39 update that evaluates each provision in the state statute relating to bicycle laws. The subcommittee reviewed each provision to determine whether they were still applicable and effective at providing for bicyclist safety, and compared them to similar laws in other states. The result is a compilation of recommended changes that could be used by bicycle advocacy groups and legislators to improve New Jersey’s bicycle laws. The subcommittee also has been closely monitoring recently enacted pedestrian and bicycle laws, offering opinions on a new law that allows municipalities to create parking spaces closer to crosswalks, as well as one that requires drivers to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians in crosswalks.


At the March BPAC meeting, the Safety and Education subcommittee formed a working group to address bicycling safety issues for recent immigrants. In particular, the group will explore how to improve safety for Hispanic workers who commute to and from jobs along highways, often at night. Opportunities include education of cyclists and drivers, skills training for cyclists, and increases in light and helmet use. The

working group held its first meeting in May.


In other BPAC news, NJDOT is happy to announce that the New Jersey Bicycling Manual will be coming soon.  In addition, three new bicycle guides prepared by NJDOT: "Rock and Roll Tour"(Essex County), "Double Trouble" (Ocean County) and the "Campgaw Caper"(Bergen County), offer exciting new bicycling opportunities throughout the State.


More information about past BPAC meetings, including meeting minutes and copies of the presentations, can be found at


The next meeting of the BPAC will be held in September.  If you are interested in joining the BPAC or learning more about it, send an email to

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