Recent Public Policy Practicums
Higher Education Higher Education: Costs, the Workforce and Equality

Thomas Little, Jorge Santos, Juanita Warde
Aim High Academy An Evalauation of the Aim High Academy Program: 2011-12 Evaluation Report

John Hocker, Katherine Centore, Marie Virella, and Miriam Ramirez

NJCC Investigation of Funding Challenges of Child Care and Early Education Providers in New Jersey

Brian Covino, Arianna Garutti, Cecilia Kaltz, Zhang Zhang
OSHA 2013 Analysis of the Federal Oil and Gas Regulatory Landscape

Scott Bruckner, Jessica Lau, Joseph Reilly, Mateusz Zacharski, and Yuemeng Zhang
Barriers Barriers to Upward Mobility: A Spatial Analysis of Newark and the Challenges to Human Development

Liz Mahn, John Manieri, Sabeen Kalyan-Masih, Kelli Sanchez, Mark Szeltner

An Analysis of the Disengaged Adults Returning to College Program: A Complete Assessment of 2009-2012

Farhana Arastu, Eric Baum, Clifford Dawkins, Kate Henry, and Charley Stone

DARC 2011 The Assessment of the Disengaged Adults Returning to College Program: An Evaluation of DARC I and DARC II Institutions

Daniel Bausch, Sean Cavanaugh, Nicole Corre, David Drescher, Jessica Godofsky, Rob Houston, Megan Milhisler Hannah Walker


Food Security in Trenton: What Families, Communities, and Governments Can Do To Promote Healthy Living

Nadia Akbar, Jessica Chao, Paul Crupi, Ena Kumar, Catherine Murray, Matthew Spayth


Assessing the Impact of Community Development Financial Institutions: Recommendations for New Jersey Community Capital

Kristin Crandall, Maria De Fazio, Daniel Kravetz, Jared Mancinelli, Cara Purcell, Caitlin Salemi, Samantha Swerdloff, Rrezarta Veseli


Single Stop USA at Essex County College: Research and Recommendations on Outreach and Effectiveness

Vanessa Alger, Megan Carolan, Benjamin DeMarzo, Vanessa Matthews