1. Intro / Team
2. Regional Context
3. Site Analysis
4. Site Plan
     a) Main Cluster
     b) Medical Cluster
     c) Sports Cluster
5. Circulation Plan
6. Open Space Plan
7. Supplemental Info

4b. Site Plan - Medical Campus Cluster

The medical cluster consists of:

  • The College of Medicine (Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry Colleges)
  • Commercial Area
  • Regional Hotel and Conference Center
  • Main administration building
  • Regional hospital
  • Three mosques

The medical cluster is divided into four areas:

  • Male and female Colleges of Medicine (directly connected to the hospital via a subterranean walkway/tunnel)
  • Male and female student and nursing staff housing area (includes main spines that terminate in the two mosques)
  • Hotel, conference center and the main Administration building
  • The regional hospital and its mosque


  • Segregation between males and females in circulation and design
  • Integration of each area within the whole of the cluster
  • Short walking distances between the four different areas
  • Consistency with Islamic and Saudi architectural features (clustering, covered walkways, and the main spine of the commercial area)
  • Link every area to the main road
  • Easy access to the hospital for both students and the public
  • Easy access to the hotel, conference center, and main administration building
  • Flexibility in the design of the Medical college to accomodate changes in future conditions

View of the regional hospital and its associated mosque. Click to view full-sized image.


Medical cluster plan. Click to view full-sized image.

Aerial view of medical campus residential area (mosque on right, pedestrian/commercial spine in middle). Click to view full-sized image.

Medical campus area cluster containing the hotel, conference center, and the University’s main administration building. Some surface parking shown; additional parking on structures' first level. Click to view full-sized image.

Academic building complex (male and female) in the medical campus area. Click to view full-sized image.