1. Intro / Team
2. Regional Context
3. Site Analysis
4. Site Plan
     a) Main Cluster
     b) Medical Cluster
     c) Sports Cluster
5. Circulation Plan
6. Open Space Plan
7. Supplemental Info

6. Open Space Plan

  • It is notable that a large portion of our site has been conserved as open space.
  • In terms of planned open space, we have a number of green areas in our various campuses that are planned for recreation use. Many of these are clustered near our housing.
  • There is a hierarchy of planned open space from informal fields associated with housing to a covered public plaza at the end of our main campus pedestrian spine.
  • We also have a large passive open space and recreation area with trails and other small scale recreation facilities (located between the sports cluster and main campus cluster).

Passive Recreation Area:

  • Passive recreation area for walking and jogging
  • Three bridges over seasonal stream to be constructed with local stone
  • Gazebos to have finished floor above grade to accommodate seasonal flooding
  • Two recreation buildings, male and female, with indoor basketball, ping pong, sitting/socializing area, and rest rooms
  • Massing of trees as noted, especially for special framed views and "hiding" of service facility building

Recreation area. Click to view full-sized image.


Open space plan. Click to view full-sized image.

Passive recreation area plan. Click to view full-sized image.

Pedestrian bridge in passsive recreation area. Flood channel beneath bridge. Click to view full-sized image.