1. Intro / Team
2. Regional Context
3. Site Analysis
4. Site Plan
     a) Main Cluster
     b) Medical Cluster
     c) Sports Cluster
5. Circulation Plan
6. Open Space Plan
7. Supplemental Info

3. Site Analysis

  • Site is roughly 2,000 acres (8 million square meters)
  • Difference between site’s lowest point and its highest point: 50 meters
  • There are also a number of dramatic elevation changes in the form of rocky outcroppings
  • Two specific flash flood paths in the site's lowest areas
  • Drainage primarily to the east
  • Site is generally at higher elevations along its road frontage
  • The road bordering the site on its western side is the more developed 'tourist road' that leads in one direction to the city of Abha
  • Site's base is primarily granite

Topographic map of the site. Also shows contour lines, directions toward north and Mecca, road frontage, and rock formations on the site. Click to view full-sized image.