Undergraduate Program:
Minor in Public Policy

Completion of the minor in public policy requires 18-19 credits. Students must complete 12-13 credits of required courses, and two elective courses (6 credits total). Students seeking the minor in public policy may declare it without applying for admission to the Bloustein School. Only courses with a grade of C or better can be counted toward the minor. Students may only take on ONE minor at the Bloustein School.

Minor in Public Policy requirements (PDF)

Required Courses (12-13 credits)


Introduction to Planning, Policy and Health (3)
Basic Statistical Methods or equivalent (4, or 3)
Principles of Public Policy (3)


Public Economic Policy (3)


Elective Courses (6 credits)

Choose at least two of the following:

Global Poverty (3)
Poverty in the United States (3)
U.S. Housing Policy (3)
763:330 Local Tax and Spending Policy (3)
762:331 U.S. Social Policy (3)
762:335 Gender, Family, and Public Policy (3)
762:417 Population Tools and Policy (3)
762:444 American Land (3)
762:451 Environmental Tools and Policy (3)
762:471 Globalization and Sustainability (3)
762:473 Transportation Policy (3)
762:476 Immigration Policy (3)
762:480 EC Ethics in Planning and Public Policy (3)
762:490-491 Independent Study in Public Policy (BA)


Special Topics as offered, such as
—Human Development and Public Policy
—Media and Public Policy
—Religion and Public Policy

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For additional information on about the public policy minor, please contact:

LaToya Fendrick, Coordinator, Undergraduate Student Services
Bloustein School Civic Square Building; Room 189

Phone: (848) 932-2701

Email: latoya.fendrick@rutgers.edu