Housing and Real Estate Concentration

Faculty Advisers

David Listokin (co-coordinator), Robert Burchell (co-coordinator), Kathe Newman, James DeFilippis



A broad understanding of housing and development planning, housing economics and markets, land and building analysis, development, and marketing processes, particularly in the United States, is gained through a sequence of courses in development planning and practice; real estate research, finance, and investment; and housing impact analysis. This concentration meets the needs of students with varying interests, including planning for development, real estate market research and analysis, real estate finance and investment analysis, and relating land-use planning and controls to the private development process. Students must take at least three of the required courses, and at least four courses as a total for the concentration. Two graduate planning studios covering the following topics are strongly recommended: housing, urban design, urban redevelopment, neighborhood revitalization, or community development.


Required Courses (you must take at least three of the following courses)

34:970:529 Principles of Housing
34:970-604 Land Development Practice
34:970:658 Seminar/Real Estate Finance
34:970:666 Seminar/Comm. Finance & Invest. Analysis
34:970:667 Seminar/Land Use Administration
34:970:521 Historic Preservation
34:970:622 Urban Redevelopment
34:970:668 Economic Development
34:970:651 Seminar/Green Building


Recommended Courses (choose additional courses to bring the total to four)

34:970:508 Comprehensive Planning
34:970:670 Housing Analysis
34:970:654 Seminar/Master Plans/Expert Testimony
34:970:562 Commercial Economic Development
34:833:562 Negotiations & Conflicts
34:970:523 Environmental Law & Policy
34:833:540 State & Local Public Finance
34:970:663 Seminar/Developing/Preserving Large Cities


Additional Courses at Princeton University (may substitute for any elective course)

WWS:539 Affordable Housing
WWS:534 Land Use and Planning


Directed Study and Fall/Spring Internships (one recommended course may be substituted by Directed Study or an Internship)

34:970:636 Internships in Urban Planning
34:970:615 Directed Study in Urban Planning Fall/Spring


Other Areas of Concentration:

Environmental and Physical Planning
Housing and Real Estate
International Development and Regional Planning
Transportation Policy and Planning
Urban and Community Development