Historic Preservation Certificate

A Joint Offering of the
Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
The Department of Art History
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


The Program

The Certificate in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies offers graduate and undergraduate students at Rutgers University, in any major, a theoretical and practical introduction to the fields of cultural heritage and historic preservation through a combination of special courses and supervised internships. The program is multi-disciplinary and transcultural in nature, embracing state and national concerns, while also reflecting the surge of interest in conservation issues on a global scale. These developments have resulted in the rapid expansion of organizations devoted to the preservation issues and a dramatic increase in educational and career opportunities.

The Certificate Program offers a combination of courses from the Urban Planning and Policy Development Program at the Bloustein School and tthe Department of Art History. The Certificate Program is open to graduate students in all units of the University who wish to pursue the Certificate in association with an advanced degree and undergraduate students in all Rutgers University majors.

To be eligible for the Certificate all students must submit an application to the Certificate Director in Urban Planning and Policy Development or the Certificate Director from the Department of Art History. A Certificate in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies will be awarded to all students who complete the program with an average of B or higher. The Certificate will be conferred only with the award of a bachelor, MA or PhD degree in an established department or other degree-granting program of Rutgers University.


Program Requirements

The Certificate Program consists of five three-credit courses. Two of these, taken in any sequence, are required core courses: Seminar in Cultural Heritage Preservation (Art History) and Historic Preservation (Urban Planning and Policy Development). Elective courses can be selected from any of those listed below. Prerequisites to the individual courses must be met by those enrolled. The fifth of five required courses is a supervised internship approved in advance in writing by the Certificate Director in Urban Planning and Policy Development or the Certificate Director in Art History. More than the required five courses can be taken.

Core Courses

01:082:430 Seminar in Cultural Heritage Preservation (Art History)

34:970:521 Historic Preservation (cross listed as 01:762:448) (Bloustein School/Urban Planning and Policy Development)

Elective Courses

Art History
01:082:300 History of Modern Crafts and Design
01:082:301 Ancient Architecture
01:082:304 Architect and Society in England
01:082:367 American Art 1585-1876
01:082:368 Modern American Art
01:082:391 Nineteenth-Century Architecture
01:082:392 Twentieth-Century Architecture
01:082:397 Medieval Architecture
01:082:420 African Architecture
01:082:421 Contemporary American Architecture
01:082:428 The Modern City
01:082:445 Studies in the Art & Architecture of New Jersey
01:082:446 Studies in American Architecture
16:082:528 Modern Architecture
16:082:529 Design of Cities
16:082:536 Renaissance Architecture
16:082:540 English Architecture
16:082:547 Baroque Architecture
16:082:568 History of Modern Decorative Arts
16:082:590/591 Internship in Historic Preservation
16:082:637 Problems in Renaissance Architecture
16:082:642 Problems in Baroque Architecture

Planning/Public Policy
832:514 Culture and Health
833:611 Community Economic Development
970:501 History and Theory of Planning
970:509 Urban Economy and Spatial Patterns
970:517 Survey of Planning Law Principles
970:523 Environmental Law and Policy
970:528 Housing Economics and Markets
970:529 Principles of Housing
970:553: Transportation and Environment
970:563 Community Development
970:585 Tourism Planning
970:591 Introduction to GIS for Planning and Public Policy
970:604 Land Development Practice
970:618 Environmental Planning and Management
970:619 Environmental Economics and Public Policy
970:622 Urban Redevelopment
970:658 Seminar in Urban Planning: Real Estate Finance
970:663 Seminar in Urban Planning: Development Preservation of Large Cities
970:674 Seminar in Urban Planning: Fundamentals of Urban Design

Environmental Resources
11:372:322 Surveying and Mapping
11:372:409 New Jersey Planning Practice

American Studies
01:050:304 The American City
01:050:308 New York City: the Culture of Metropolis

01:070:333 Colonial Archaeology
01:070:393 Cultural Resource Management
16:070:581 Historical Development of Archaeology
16:070:584 The Built Environment
16:070:587 Field Study in Archaeology

01:450:331 New Jersey
01:450:321 Geographic Information Systems
16:450:501 Introduction to Natural Resources Management
16:450:502 Resource Management Decision Making
16:450:514 Environment and Culture
16:450:516 Urban Geography
16:450:522 Tourism Geography
16:450:625 Seminar in Geographic Information Systems

Landscape Architecture
11:550:330 History of Landscape Architecture
11:550:430 Advanced Landscape History Seminar


Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy students please contact:

Professor David Listokin
Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
33 Livingston Avenue, Suite 400
Civic Square Building (downtown NB)
(848) 932-2374
email: listokin@rci.rutgers.edu




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