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new employees
For Supervisors

Procedure for hiring a new full time, part time and post doc employee


Procedure for hiring a temporary worker

See the University Human Resources Page for this service


Procedure for hiring a work study student

Work Study Students
Available through the Dean's office.
Please contact Marcia Hannigan for more information:

(848) 932-2828


Procedure for hiring an hourly student/hourly casual employee


Contact Steve Weston

(848) 932-2728

Graduate Assistant Salaries, Tuition and Fees


Hourly student/hourly casual employees



Request for Sole/Single Source Justification (previously named Competitive Bid Waiver)


Rutgers Professional Service Provider Agreement


Independent Contractor or Employee Determination Form (ICED)


Timesheets and Absence Records

Full-Time Staff

Request for Time Off


Exempt Staff Absence Record - Turn in to Keri at the end of the month.


Non-Exempt Staff Time Sheet/Absence Record - Turn in to Keri at the end of the month.


Guidelines for Recordkeeping - Overtime


Policy on Alternative Work Hours


University Reporting System - online system to check vacation and sick leave balances


Schedule of University Holidays


Hourly Staff

Hourly Time Sheet


Payroll Schedule



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