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/// U.S. Census Bureau Data

  1. New Jersey County Level Housing Data: Bedrooms per Unit, Heating Fuel Type, Housing Structure by type, Housing Year Built, Vehicles per Household
  2. This data is from the 2010 American Community Survey provided by The New Jersey State Data Center. It is a 1-year estimate based on population thresholds. The dataset “DP04-Housing” contains housing data for each county and for municipalities with population of 65,000 and over in New Jersey. Other housing data in this profile includes Housing Occupancy, Housing Tenure, Occupants per room, Value, Mortgage Status, Gross Rent, and Heating Fuel.

  3. New Jersey Municipality Level Housing Units and Density
  4. This spreadsheet is from Census 2010-GCT-PH1 Population Housing Units and Density. The data is provided by The New Jersey State Data Center. This 1-year dataset is available on the municipal level for Housing Units, Vacancy Rate, Area in Square miles and Density per Square mile of land area.


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