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  1. Total New Jersey Monthly Utility Revenue by Sector
  2. This EIA link shows revenue from retail sales of electricity to ultimate customers by end-use sector. Data is available for Census Divisions and for all states including New Jersey. This is a monthly dataset showing the most updated month and the same month for the previous year. Available sectors include residential, commercial, industrial and transportation. Previous issues of monthly electric power reports back to June 1996 are also available from the link.

  3. Utility Level Monthly Utility Revenue by Sector: Atlantic City Electric, JCPL, PSE&G, RECO
  4. This EIA link is an electric utility data file (EIA-826) which includes utility level retail sales of electricity and associated revenue by end-use sector including residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and other. This is a monthly dataset from January 1990 to March 2012 for New Jersey state utilities including Atlantic City Electric, Jersey Central Power & Lt, Public Service Electric & Gas, and Rockland Electric.

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