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  1. NJ Clean Energy Program Financial reports
    This NJ Clean Energy Program link lists Program Financial Reports from 2008 to 2012. NJCEP Goals – Progress to Date Report shows the current budget expenditure and project completions compared against the program goals. Historical NJCEP Financial Reports include annual program energy savings, program expenditures, estimated emission savings and electric generation from 2001 to 2011. The link also shows monthly Treasury Fiscal Reports, monthly Applied Energy Group (AEG) Reports and Historical ARRA Reports.

  2. NJ Clean Energy Program Evaluation Studies
    This NJ Clean Energy Program link shows the various evaluation studies that have been performed since 2001 in New Jersey. The "Market Analysis and Baseline Studies" link includes Baseline, Market Potential, Market Assessment, Impact Evaluation, and Focus Group studies. The "Energy Savings Protocols" link shows the final "Protocols to Measure Resource Savings" from 2004 through 2011.

  3. CEE Budgets and Expenditures Data  
    This CEE link provides supporting data to the Energy Efficiency Program industry reports from 2006 to 2011. Data was co-collected by the American Gas Association and the Institute for Energy Efficiency in North America regarding efficiency industry budgets, expenditures, and impacts for both the gas and electric efficiency sectors.

  4. Building Energy Consumption for NYC
    This map link presents an estimate of the total annual building energy consumption at the block level and at the tax lot level for New York City. Annual energy consumption expressed in kilowatt hours (Kwh) per square meter of land area was estimated by statistics-based mathematical model. The map also has annual energy data on percentage breakdown of the estimated end-uses and average energy use for certain size and type of building.

  5. EIA Residential Energy Consumption Survey 2009
    This EIA link shows the Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS) conducted by EIA to a nationally representative sample of housing units. The link contains the results of each RECS (1978 to 2009) which include data tables on Household Characteristics and Consumption & Expenditures, a micro-data file and a series analytical reports and projections. Survey methodology is also available from the link.

  6. National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (NAPEE)
    This EPA link introduces The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency. The link provides Action Plan reports, guides, tools and factsheets on energy efficiency areas such as Establishing and Implementation Effective Efficiency Programs, Setting High-Level State Policy Goals for Saving Energy, Adopting Additional State Policies, and Advancing a Comprehensive Policy and Program Framework.

  7. NAPEE Clean Energy Resource Database
    This EPA link is a searchable database to the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency. Searchable subject areas include Evaluation, Measurement and Verification; Energy Efficiency Potential Studies; Cost Effectiveness; Program Design and Implementation; Dynamic Rates; Resource Planning; Cost Recovery and Incentives; and Codes and Standards. The database also includes information on the following subjects: Funding and Incentives; Emissions Trading; State Management Best Practices; Air Quality; Clean Energy Supply; Local Government; and Portfolio Standards.

  8. CEE Resource Library
    This Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) link provides a resource library on materials, publications and links related to CEE and its programs, such as Market Assessment & Program Evaluation Clearinghouse (MAPE), a searchable database of evaluation reports; Program Summaries on detailed CEE member programs; and CEE efficiency criteria and etc.

  9. Best Practices Benchmarking for Energy Efficiency Programs
    This link provides a searchable database for finding a particular study on the Best Practices Benchmarking for Energy Efficiency Programs. The study is intended to identify successful program approaches through systematic cross-program data collection and comparative analyses. Search categories include Program Target such as Sector, End Use and End Use Technology; and Program Elements such as Incentive, Information & Training, and Implementation Organization.

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