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  1. Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator
    This American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) link introduces a downloadable Local Energy Efficiency Policy Calculator (LEEP-C) tool to compare policy choices and explore the results of different implementation scenarios. The tool calculates estimates for energy savings, cost savings, pollution, jobs, and other outcomes resulting from selected policies over a time period designated by the user. Current LEEP-C version includes seven policies from two sectors: Public Buildings (Public Buildings Comprehensive Retrofit, Retro commissioning, Benchmarking and Disclosure) and Residential Buildings (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, Residential Energy Use Disclosure, Residential Upgrade Requirements (RECOs), Assistance to Multifamily Affordable Housing).

  2. Energy Efficiency Benefits Calculator
    This spreadsheet based tool shows the Energy Efficiency Benefits Calculator developed for the Leadership Group of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency. The tool demonstrates the benefits to customers, utilities, and society of implementing energy efficiency programs, and evaluates the business case for energy efficiency universally across utility types. The tool can be calibrated to numerous applications including electricity and natural gas, public or private utilities, vertically integrated or restructured markets and various utility financial structures.

  3. DOE2 Building Energy Analysis Program
    This link introduces the DOE-2 building energy analysis program which predicts the energy use and cost for all types of buildings. DOE-2 uses a description of the building layout, constructions, operating schedules, conditioning systems (lighting, HVAC, etc.) and utility rates provided by the user, along with weather data, to perform an hourly simulation of the building and to estimate utility bills. Other building energy analysis tools such as eQUEST® is also available from the link.

  4. Power Plant Emissions Calculator (P-PEC)
    P-PEC is a  draft EPA spreadsheet-based tool to assess the potential emissions benefits of EE policies and solar projects. The user manual is available here.

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