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About Us
About Us
The Center for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (CNCR) is at the forefront of a movement that believes disputes can be settled by constructive negotiation and consensus-building and problem-solving approaches instead of by force or adversarial argument.

Created in 1986, the Center's mission comprises education, training, research and direct services in preventing and resolving disputes. It serves all three campuses at Rutgers University and serves as a resource both in and outside New Jersey for those interested in negotiation and the theory and practice of conflict resolution. The Center is also part of a consortium of eighteen conflict resolution centers at such universities as Harvard, Michigan, Minnesota, Penn State, Northwestern, Stanford, Syracuse and Wisconsin. The centers collaborate through joint research projects and workshops, seminars, and conferences that explore ideas and works in progress.

The Center concentrates its activities in five areas:

  1. Teaching and Training - Offers seminars, lectures, conferences and customized programs to judges, lawyers, managers and others.
  2. Dispute Resolution Services - Provides mediation, facilitation and arbitration services directly to clients.
  3. Research - Operates as a "think-tank" on a wide range of issues in negotiation and conflict resolution to stimulate and act as a catalyst for research.
  4. Public Education - Disseminates information, publishes CNCR News and maintains a library on negotiation and dispute resolution which includes audio-visual materials.
  5. Outreach and Support - Works with groups within and outside the state that have a vital interest in improving the way disputes are managed, including improvements in decision-making and conflict resolution practices, such as the judiciary, agencies of state government, bar associations and a range of not-for-profit entities such as economic development, planning and policy, advocacy and professional groups.
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