Community Partners

Newark Neighborhood Empowerment Council (NEC)
The NEC is comprised of West Side Park neighborhood residents, community-based organizations, and representatives of government, business, and nonprofit institutions. It is responsible for developing and implementing the Urban Coordinating Council's revitalization plan in Newark's target area, the West Side Park Community.

Newark Community Development Network (NCDN)
569 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Newark, New Jersey 07102

NCDN provides capacity-building services to a network of twenty-four community development organizations, coordinates the Neighborhood Empowerment Council program and constitutes the housing task force for Newark's Enterprise Community.

Corinthian Housing Development Corporation (CHDC)
475 South 10th Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103

Founded in 1991 by First Corinthian Baptist Church, Corinthian is a nonprofit community development corporation working to improve living conditions and establish economic self-sufficiency for residents of Newark's Central Ward. CHDC has worked closely with the Rutgers Center for Urban Policy Research to conduct neighborhood-planning studies. CHDC constructed 45 rental townhouses and is currently constructing 45 more townhouses near West Side Park. CHDC has taken a multi-faceted approach to neighborhood development that includes housing, park rehabilitation, health care, community computer availability and improved safety.

International Youth Organization (IYO)
703 South 12th Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103

IYO was founded in 1973 and offers youth education and training through cultural and physical fitness activities in Newark's West Side Park Community. IYO is interested in supporting community organizing and leadership development among West Side Park neighborhood's youth, many of whom have dropped out of high school. The organization provides job training, community service, GED classes, and exposure to college classes.

IYO CREST is IYO's community development corporation that seeks to improve the community by developing and rehabilitating housing and to empower residents by providing training and economic development initiatives.

New Community Corporation (NCC)
233 West Market Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103
973-623-2800, Fax: 973-623-3612

NCC was created in 1968 and is the nation's largest nonprofit social service provider. It provides the community with "cradle to grave" services including jobs, day care, social services, technical training, and affordable housing. NCC has built more than 3,000 units of rental housing and transitional housing and facilities for a variety of programs including healthcare, job training, after-school programs, and the arts. And they successfully brought a Pathmark Supermarket to Newark.

Salvation Army West Side Center
699 Springfield Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07103

The Salvation Army provides social services, emergency services, and a computer center to the Newark-Irvington community. The West Side Branch has been in the city of Newark for 105 years. A community facility on Springfield Avenue was built in 1981 to serve the emergency and social service needs of residents in the community. Over the past 2 years, this faith-based organization has vastly increased the recreational and social service programs offered. The organization operates a food pantry, after school program, church service, children's karate classes, a grandparent support program, fee-for-service exercise classes, a program for at-risk children, a father's program, and a Fashion Star Boutique for women participating in welfare to work programs. The organization also runs a multi-use computer lab.

Tri-City Peoples Corporation
675 South 19th Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103

Tri-City Peoples Corporation is a first generation community development corporation. The corporation has a 36-year success record of assisting disadvantaged children and their families in areas of education, affordable housing, healthcare, and recreational/cultural activities. The mission of the corporation is to facilitate social and economic self-sufficiency and to promote citizen civic participation in community development by providing exemplary services in education, employment and technological training, social services, health and mental health care, and housing that meets the needs of the residents and families in Newark, East Orange, and Irvington.

United Community Corporation (UCC)
600 South 17th Street, Newark, New Jersey 07103

UCC was formed in 1964 as a Community Action Agency and has a long history of leadership development. With an annual budget of $2.2 million, UCC offers comprehensive services for the homeless, low-income working families and individuals in crisis or at-risk throughout the city, including running a shelter, GED training, computer training, automotive training, a food pantry and a senior program. UCC is currently constructing a 37-unit townhouse development near West Side Park. UCC also runs a multi-use computer lab.