Project Activities

Comprehensive Planning
Working in close collaboration with our Community Partners, RCOPC assists in the development and updating, evaluation, and implementation of NEC's comprehensive plan for revitalization of the West Side Park Community in Newark's Central Ward.

Community Organizing
The Governor's Urban Coordinating Council (UCC) program, implemented through the Neighborhood Empowerment Council (NEC), is grounded on the importance of community-based planning; RCOPC assists through both outreach and research to build the capacity of participating community organizations.

Neighborhood Revitalization
RCOPC contributes to NEC's neighborhood revitalization efforts through youth leadership development training, development of a community computer center within the West Side Park Community, and planning for the redevelopment of West Side Park as a central community asset. These activities support the agendas of the Youth and Young Adults Subcommittee and the Recreation Subcommittee of the NEC.

Economic Development
With our Community Partners and NEC's Economic Development Subcommittee, RCOPC is participating in a series of activities to foster job growth and business development in Newark's Central Ward, with particular focus on encouraging and supporting the development of small businesses.

Affordable Housing
Through research and outreach, RCOPC supports the ability of community-based groups working with NEC's Housing Subcommittee to increase affordable housing production and to provide homeownership counseling to community residents.

RCOPC is assisting the NEC Healthcare Subcommittee to establish a health care center in the West Side Park Community.

Youth and Education
Working with the NEC Subcommittee and the Central Ward Leadership Team of the Newark Public Schools, RCOPC will design a comprehensive after-school program to provide safe haven and structured activities for children attending the 14th Avenue School, the Community School within the West Side Park Community.