Rutgers Community Outreach Partnership Center


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Table of Contents

Rutgers Community Outreach Partnership Center


Comprehensive Planning

Parcel Survey 1999

Social Service Asset Directory

RCOPC Website

West Side Park Data Atlas version 1

Interactive Mapping

Corinthian HDC Land Use Plan

Parcel Survey and Asset Mapping 2001-2002

Neighborhood Revitalization

West Side Park Revitalization

Community Technology Centers

Youth and Education

After-School Programs

Directory of After School Programs

Neighborhood Youth Planning Council Manual

Newark Neighborhood Youth Leaders in Technology

Destination Newark: Writing Home

Affordable Housing

Directory of Newark Homeownership Providers

Economic Development

16th Avenue Business Survey

West Side Business Hub

Health Care

West Side Park Health Care Directory

Assessing the Need for a Health Center

Health Center Feasibility Study

Future RCOPC Projects

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